Gerbil Posting Like It's 1999

Me playing with my gerbil, Bundy, he likes boobs.

Oh my gosh, I love this.

Holding two at once is even more intense haha. My favourite is when one decides to go from one shoulder to the other behind my neck while the other one decides that the floor is more interesting than my arms, or that sliding down my stomach inside my clothes is the place to be. Some strange bodily contortions can happen when one handles gerbils.




Amelia Spam! My little blonde babe.

Is the playpen any good??

Pffft no. They jump right out of the playpen. I spend more time keeping them in it. If it was taller it would be better.

Ah thanks. That’s a shame, it’s the kind of flexible playpen I’ve been hoping for. D:


look at this idiot with his bedhead

Super cute!

Just a friendly reminder that not covering wire floors with a solid surface such as cardboard or a wooden bridge like you can get on the zooplus website can cause your gerbils pain and discomfort in their feet. I hope you can cover it soon. :)